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General guide to gearing up and getting started

Discussion in 'Guides' started by esv, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. esv

    esv Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    Season 1: 1/1/17

    General Tips:

    > Set your QWER keys for quick skills
    > Get used to manually applying SP into artifacts
    > Always check auction house for equips with good additional effects
    > Dual line additional affects are ideal (Armor, MR, attack for non saints)
    > Durability is just a limit to how many times you can upgrade gear, your gear will not break at 0
    > All equips dropped by mobs have 0 durability and no additional effects.

    From Level 1-30: Grind to 30

    > Focus on Leveling up and replacing the novice weapons you get from the starter quests.
    > Join a legion, they should be able to help you with questions or maybe resources(medals, repeatable quest items) if you're lucky
    > Use spell stones from Daily reward, quests,and drops to upgrade non novice weapons
    > Crush gemstones/equip drops for crystals to craft Artifacts, replacing the 0 durability ones you get from mobs
    > Pay attention to the additional effects on all the artifacts you craft, these are what make or break your build
    > If you get good additional effects (Saints/Guardians want Armor/MR, Punishers want Attack/MR in general) then you can begin upgrading them using reinforcement stones.

    Level 30+: Dungeon level 7 and 8, Precepts, and Bosses
    > Now you want to focus on artifacts, additional stats, and striker level
    > You're striker level is determined by you 5 equipped weapon levels and determines your EP amount. You want to get all 5 weapons to A22 for Striker 6 and have 15000 EP for better artifacts.
    > By now hopefully you have 5 non novice weapons upgraded enough, and can look to craft your desired skill stone (Punishers want the Knight skillstone, saints want Insight stone, guardians want Worrior Stone)

    >Grind mobs in dungeon level 8 (T8) for spellstones to increase your weapon level and striker level (5 A22 for St6)
    >Grind mobs in dungeon level 7 (T7) for gold by selling equips, or gemstones to craft artifacts and pray for good stats
    >Grind Precept quests from Freya if you need medals
    >Grind bosses if you need any Essence

    ~For specific builds, ask the players who seem the best in their role, or inspect those who impress you and copy them~
  2. hadojin

    hadojin Member

    Oct 25, 2016
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    That's helpful :D

    1 more tip for beginners, if you can't kill the boss in npc territory, don't use strategy skill and win the battle by reaching 10000 tp :D
  3. Zjoker

    Zjoker New Member

    Mar 10, 2017
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    I have reached 10k TP while taking land and nothing happens I can't solo the boss and I played for 2 days now onto my 3rd

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