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Ideas for Crush 2.0

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by ShadowHydra, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. ShadowHydra

    ShadowHydra New Member

    Aug 28, 2017
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    Because history shouldn't repeat itself, I'm gonna make a few suggestions, that could be improved in Crush 2.0 compared to the Crush we have now. I didn't look through the forum to see, whether or not all of this has been suggested (except a few), mostly because I'm kinda lazy, but here we go.

    1) As some1 already mentioned, a profession system would be really nice and could replace the current way you gather minerals and plants. It would add more progression to the game and keep people busy. It would also encourage fighting over certain areas more, because you might want to get certain ressources you can't get in your current areas.

    2) Some abilities have basically useless side effects, like the 1st ability of the Saint's guns. A flat slow of 30 is basically non existent. Having a percent value or at least a higher flat value (like 100 or sth) it would be useful.

    3) Most bosses are really annoying to fight, mostly because they have really powerful skills, which are barely or impossible to dodge while not only dealing dmg (I'm mostly fine with that), but also ccing you for multiple seconds. Would be nice if you could actually dodge them (like the shockwave from the 1st/2nd boss) or if they wouldn't just stun you and all other players nearby for 4 seconds.

    4) If additional effects on equip are gonna be a thing again, then I'd be really cool if you didn't need to grind for the materials to craft the item again until you get the right effects.

    5) This is also some1 already mentioned. Chests you buy or receive as awards shouldn't cost gold. I know, that you need to remove currency from the player's pockets, but there are better ways than that, like consumables, gold exclusive costumes or even with the profession system.

    6) It's mostly about the guns again (idk if there's other weapons affected by this) but it's strange to have a spellcaster weapon to have one of it's best skills being ad. This results the other 3 skills in being meh as AD and this skill being bad as AP. Also, it would be nice if an AA enhancing skill wouldn't make hit'n'run tactics harder to execute. I do like this ability but it simply doesn't fit (especially considering the weapons high AP and low AD value).

    So yeah, couldn't think of more stuff right now, which others haven't already suggested in better ways.

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