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Items drop list guide.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by hadojin, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. hadojin

    hadojin Member

    Oct 25, 2016
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    Now that all dropped items have durability and stats, It would be good if you knew the locations of drops.

    These are all the items i found in dungeons. few may be missing so notify me and i'll edit.


    Drop locations :

    Level 1 Dungeon:
    Bone necklace : Nightmare 2400 EP
    Bracelet of wrath Basic 800 EP
    Stone of mana Basic 250 EP
    Bead of spirit Basic

    level 2 Dungeon:
    Wooden quiver Basic600 EP
    Absorption of bandoiler
    Fabric armor Basic 300 EP
    Ring of magic Basic 400 EP
    Cape Basic 300 EP

    Level 3 Dungeon:
    Mana's orb nightmare Nightmare 1000
    Gloves of swordsman Basic 1600
    Earrings of magic Basic 2000
    Bracelet of wrath Basic 800 EP
    level 4 Dungeon:
    Leather cape Basic 900 EP
    Plate armor Basic 1500 EP
    Ring of emission Basic 1200 EP
    Ring of swordsman Basic 1700 EP
    Ring of rise Basic 1600 EP

    Level 5 Dungeon:
    Helmet of protection :nightmare 1800 EP
    White Gloves : nightmare 1600
    Bracelet of spirit : basic 2400 EP
    Thief's gloves Basic 2100 EP
    Necklace of transendency Basic 1850

    Level 6 Dungeon:
    Cape of odin Basic 1500 EP
    Ring of fighter Basic 1600 EP
    Primal quiver Basic 2600 EP
    Thick cape Nightmare 1700 EP

    Level 7 Dungeon:
    Earrings of life Basic 2400 EP
    Ultimate gloves Basic 2625 EP
    Limited gloves Basic 2000 EP
    Gloves of raven Basic 2350 EP
    Gloves of zealot Basic 3600 EP

    Level 8 Dungeon:
    Cape of sun Nightmare 2250 EP
    Ring of glacier Nightmare 3600 EP
    Huge belt Basic 1500 EP
    Armor of spirit Basic 1500 EP
    Ring of life Basic 2400 EP

    These are few items that drop in PVE or Abyss and not in dungeons

    Ring of wizard(Lv1)
    timeworn cape(Lv1)
    ruby of health (Lv2,3)
    high quality sapphire(Lv2,3)
    ring of rush (Lv4/abyss last room)
    chain armor (Lv4)
    ring of abyss (Lv4)

    The new artifacts in this season are marked as "Bless" artifacts, which is the name of this season,
    the previous season's artifacts are called "Nightmare"
    each season artifacts have different attributes and values, even the EP cost for them.
    Right now "Bless" artifacts are only available for crafting, and Nightmare ones are only available for drops.
    "Basic" artifacts are artifacts that will stay the same in all seasons!

    For best additional stats refer to kawe's awesome guide!

    For Dungeon's Ore/Plant's locations :

    Thank you!
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  2. isteben

    isteben New Member

    Nov 29, 2016
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    Level 1 dungeon:
    add Stone Of Health

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