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My opinion.

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by darkdan13, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. darkdan13

    darkdan13 New Member

    Feb 22, 2017
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    My opinion is basically to attract new players and casual gamers. Some important points:

    1. Base your game on what's best in other games; see what attracts MOBA players.

    2. Make things easier for less experienced MMORPG players.

    3. Do not force too much NPC creation.

    4. Do not work with absurd numbers like 100,000,000, which distances many players, you may even think that working with high numbers makes the players feel rich, but the opposite is sad to see 1M go away fast.

    5. Do not try to put things together, or things that only Hardplayer will use, the game should focus on battles, keep scrolling, and then fighting is terribly annoying.

    6. Divide the arenas to certain levels, this always worked. See league of legends, when i download a game that has epic battles with my friends, I do not want to lose 1 month looking for better items to be able to fight.

    Level 5
    Level 10
    Level 15
    Level 20
    Level 25
    Level 30
    These arenas will help new players fight for territory in the future.

    Use MOBAS comfort to your advantage:
    Casual players (aran)
    1 login
    2 Choose the battle
    3 pieces
    4 win or lose

    There is no mistake.
    About the global map:
    Take this sketch as an example(annexed image).

    1. The region for new players will be 1 nation against 1
    2. Restricting the map to new players. Example: level 15 players can not enter this area
    3. When leveling up the battles are becoming more complex where the three nations battle for the center of the map.
    4. Map center kill the best or best dugeons, items, etc ... This encourages players to level up to get better items.

    So far, it's all I humbly suggest.
    This map is very good for equalizing the power of territory among nations where the center is the apce that a nation can reach.

    annexed images of base maps.
    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)]

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  2. esv

    esv Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    While I think most of this is fair and good ideas, theres no way we can split arena queues so much. Even when the player base as larger the single arena queue would often result in matches vs AI. Even games like LoL with a massive player base don't want to introduce many more game modes because it splits the players in queues so much. Increasing queue times and decreasing match quality.

    I like the map ideas though, thanks for the suggestion ^^
  3. Achim

    Achim Staff Member
    Staff Member

    Oct 10, 2016
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    The new map design is a cool idea. Con is that fights would not that easy happen as everybody is a bit in their corner.

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