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Quick guide to saints

Discussion in 'Guides' started by esv, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. esv

    esv Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    The saint class is for heavy burst damage(magic damage) or supporting your teammates.

    Skill Stone: Insight Stone


    • Wizardry 4/4
    • Expanded mind 4/4
    • Devour 3/3(or Ancient Knowledge 3/3)
    • Icy Chills 3/3
    • Insight 3/3
    • Incredible Health 3/3
    • Thick Skin 4/4
    • Vitality 4/4
    • Wizardry 3/3
    • Expanded Mind 2/3
    First off, make sure you replace the (Novice) weapons as soon as possible.
    The 2 required weapons are Magical Wrath Blade and Magical Life Wand.

    For Damage build: Magical Wrath Blade and Magical Dash Blade are the two weapons you want to use. Always have life wand as a back up.

    For Support build: Magical Life Wand and Magical Devil Wand are probably the best, Magical Storm Wand is good to due to the massive AP buff on the shield ability.

    Artifacts: For Additional effects - you want Armor 20, or Armor 12 + Magic Resist 9

    You can farm the following artifacts from dungeons, these are all good on saints.
    • White Gloves(Vol: Nightmare) from T5 dungeon
    • Necklace of Transcendancy from T5 dungeon
    • Thick Cape(Vol: Nightmare) from T6 dungeon
    • Earrings of Life from T7 dungeon
    • Cape of Sun(Vol: Nightmare) from T8 dungeon
    • Huge Belt from T8 dungeon
    For damage build, you will want Dark Red Ring and Necklace of Despair(Necklace of Transcendancy if you haven't crafted yet) as your core items. Build around those based on your EP amount. I also personally recommend crafting Earrings of Amplification as the active is very good.

    I haven't developed a support build yet, but having a focus on cool down reduction helps a lot to get more heals and crowd control out.

    IGN: Es (Erion)
    Feel free to mail/whisper me if you need any help with your build.

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  2. rememberzzz

    rememberzzz New Member

    Nov 22, 2016
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    Magicdude approves.

    Also run a 2:1 Armor Magic Resist, since the most (PvP) damage is Physical.
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  3. magnolia43

    magnolia43 New Member

    Oct 21, 2016
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    where can i find white braclet? 1k6 ep nightmate vol??
  4. esv

    esv Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    Right now you cant get white bracelet Vol:Nightmare. It doesn't drop from mobs and you can't craft it anymore
  5. 8lueknight1

    8lueknight1 New Member

    Feb 23, 2017
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    I currently use this setup on my saint and it kicks ass. One concern i have is mana regen, I currently use A grade weapons and i have a hard time maintaining enough mana regen to run through a dungeon efficiently, or continously fight in a war, and sometimes i die just because I'm out of mana and a punisher isn't feeling inclined to let me regen to finish him off.

    For regen I use gaia buff 20 regen, two S grade items with 12 regen/28 armor, and flask of mana (16) and base 10 regen for total 70 regen per tick. I'm unsure if every tick is 6 seconds or less but i assume that it is. I use both S grade Mana and Mana/health potions for total 400 mana every 16 seconds. Between potions and regen it rounds to about 36 mana per second.

    I imagine using a S or SS grade weapon the mana cost would make mana incredibly hard to maintain in battle. Would dropping armor for regen in additional effects be viable? If so would it be possible in a 15000 ep build to get enough armor as base/step to support using mana regen in additional effects?

    Another note: Using amplification stone generates a considerably larger amount of mana, but at the cost of ap gained from mana by using the insight stone. Perhaps with a larger mana pool more regen would not be needed as you can regen from nexus or simply have enough mana to finish a dungeon.

    I need to test some things but im afraid to upgrade my lovely wrath blade to S rank. Potato.
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  6. Rotaid

    Rotaid New Member

    Mar 7, 2017
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    1. Use a Mana Flask it really helps with your Regen Problems.

    2. If you want a 15k build, which kicks ass, you can look at my Saint (Magicdude).

    (If youre not in the all time magnificent Red Nation I can send you a Screenshot via Discord)

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