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Season 2 Impressions

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by esv, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. esv

    esv Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    After seeing the response from multiple players, the patch is a good start and is going the right direction but needs a bit of tuning.

    The set items:
    • These are a great addition to the game, but they are a bit weak.
    • Because that don't have Additional Effects, you miss out on far to much Armor/MR or Attack that you would get from standard 14k and 15k EP builds
    • These sets are very hard to complete. Because of this, I find the 14k EP set to have very little use. Having all sets be 15k EP based would be better. At the same time, why add 17k EP sets when no one will be able to use them(St7 is nearly impossible to achieve)?
    Scatter stones:
    • The skillstones that cost 1 essence are currently better than the ones that cost 10 essence.
    • It's very hard to compete with +20% damage, excluding saint as they primarily use Insight stone
    • The bosses seem overly weak this patch.
    • 15k EP saint with Earrings of Amplification and Wrath Blade can nuke half komodo's HP in one burst.
    • Medals are good incentive for PvP, but it needs a bit more. Right now it's more efficient to avoid fighting other players and just trade land over and over.
    • Punisher still rushing towers by themselves > makes PvP boring.
    • The healing circle and artillery fire strategy skills are to powerful when used together to take nexus
    • Revive and portal strategy skills are also very powerful used together
    • Silver/Gold medals are very hard to get
    • Chance of failure is an extremely frustrating and unfun mechanic, would like to see improved success rate for skull weapons. Losing an A 30 grade weapon and a boss horn is really demotivating.
    • Players seem to really like the loot based system (Artifacts dropping with add effects) and would like to see more artifacts being dropped
    • Spell stone fragments don't really serve a purpose anymore and I feel they should be removed
    • High EP cost artifacts are really hard to build, because of how strong additional effects are theres no way players can really sacrifice an item slot.
    • Instead of making high EP cost artifacts, have more dynamic SP requirements on them. Both artifacts can cost 2000 EP, but one will have better stats but take longer to charge up in war.
    • Critical hit chance % were also lowered, and I don't really see the need.
    I feel the patch itself is great and just needs a bit of tuning. Excited to see developments on up-gradable forts and the Sockets in skull weapons.
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  2. Nyxa

    Nyxa Active Member

    Oct 11, 2016
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    Just open the Quote. ;)

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  3. esv

    esv Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    Yeah I believe I suggested the change to spawn around nexus randomly instead of the middle. once you get caught in a nexus push its game over and you just die over and over.

    Also I always thinks its a good idea to give more info to the players. Success rates being listed would be nice to since the game is very RNG heavy.
  4. BuGKiri

    BuGKiri Moderator
    Staff Member

    Oct 10, 2016
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    yep its somewhere on my list ^^
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