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Some Ideas

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by BuGKiri, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. BuGKiri

    BuGKiri Moderator
    Staff Member

    Oct 10, 2016
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    1. Arena Rework
    Arena mode should be reworked completly, make the arena Medals usefull and
    Balance the arena make 4 arenas, 1 for players under lvl 10, 1 for players between lvl 10-20, 1 for players lvl 20-30 and one for players lvl 30.
    This will avoid many frustrated players / leavers.
    Make the arena medals usefull like direct exchangeble against Additionel Stats reroll thinky ( if this is comming back), exlusiv skins ( these shouldnt be able to buyed somehow just able via arena medals) which we can exchange direct against some of Arena Medals.
    and against
    2. Weapon Skins
    they should be exclusiv too but tradeable from player to player, and they should be obtained via chests ( so if me Punisher Main will get one for saint i will look for someone to trade with ). and maybe add some via Juwels too.

    so i like to discuss the ideas with u guys especialy about the arena rework ...
    fact is we need a reworked arena ( but keep the montly/weekly leaderboard rewards :D )
  2. Rotaid

    Rotaid New Member

    Mar 7, 2017
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    I like the idea, with weapon skins,but they should be only a cosmetic Item, with no buffs/bonusses at all.

    Here are some of my Ideas:

    1. Daily Login Reward (dr = daily reward):
    Maybe change the the dr in to a 30 days system. With every day Players should get different items like 5 Spell Stones D in the first days and for example 255 C at the last day of this system.

    2. Free Chests and the Gaia Buff:
    First of all opening Chest should be for free again!
    Maybe as a interresting change to the Gaia Buff. Instead of giving someone a certain chest, when reached a certain level of this buff, this puff can provide a drop chance of the Gaia Buff chests.

    3. Failstack System:
    Crafting can/is frustrating!
    Either the Dev's can inform us how the failure rate is in %, and/or add a Failstack System where crafting that failed, it adds a % chance ontop of the orginal rate. (for example 1 Fail Stack = +5%)

    4. More Characters:
    Gunner, Necromancer, Ninja, Mechanic, ...

    5. Different Races:
    Orc, Demon, Elf,...

    6. Character / Armor Costumisation:
    nuff said

    7. Enviroment:
    - Destroyable Enviroment
    - Structures (Castles, Villages,..)
    - Different NPC's (Remove the Sexy Artwork?)
    - More Minions
    - Remove the Blue Portal thing which is in every map

    8. Better Skill tree:
    Maybe let the player choose, if he want to go offensive, defensive or a support role

    9. Additional Effects:
    Remove them or decrease them, so armor (for example doesnt have a +8 up each hime)

    10. Game Design:
    Not saying i dont like the design, but make it more "natural", less clunky.

  3. esv

    esv Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    In response to MD:

    1. Personally I think the current daily rewards system is fine, and it's fault mostly lie in that it came to late. Though I think Medals should have been the daily reward for PvP based quests

    2. First of all the reward chests need to be something worthwhile. The gaia chest as a loot item with a drop chance sounds interesting though.

    3. Fail% on crafts, especially the ones costing hard/tedious to get mats, should flat out be removed. Extremely frustrating feature that caused many to quit. Having a long grind is fine, but having a long grind end up being entirely worthless based on harsh RNG is not.

    4. Since abilities are centered around weapon, I think just having a wider variety of weapon types with a universal character class is my favorite idea. Masteries would be tied in to weapon classes instead of character classes.

    5. I guess they could tune the Punisher/Saint.Guardian into more standard classes or something. Not something I'm interested in at all ^^

    6. More customization = more $$$

    7. Environment
    - Destructible environments may be performance heavy, but in a more casual MOBA experience it may be a fun mechanic.
    - More structures = more strategy = more end game fun. Needs to include more people than the top 4 legion masters.
    - Made millions of suggestions revolving war, siege tanks, etc. Either remove towers and make it a CoD TDM experience MOBA style, or actually develope the MOBA style combat to a sustainable and fun match.
    - Don't know what you mean...

    8. Personally I want to be less LoL-like. But the masteries were far to simple and had a best overall option so you never had to pick and choose. Needs to be rebalanced at the least.

    9. Agreed. 350 -400+ Armor on damage focused builds is ridiculous. Armor + AD items/builds are inherently broken as well. But Add Effects were the largest imbalance and RNG based frustration in this game. Been calling for their removal for awhile.

    10. Agreed as well. To elaborate, I think the clunkiest part is being unable to swap weapons when casting abilities or being hard CC'd. Also the weapon swap system is very laggy at times, even when the abilities and damage are responding at normal times.
  4. Rotaid

    Rotaid New Member

    Mar 7, 2017
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    1. Weapon prefixes:
    Little prefixes that chance little damage and other values (Damaged = like -10% damage, Rash = 12% more attack speed, Angry = 5% more crit,... , in exchange for gold.
    Of course would that require a new npc.

    2. Fishing, Gatering, Mining and other farming possibilities:
    Actions, that are required for POTIOS and other stuff.

    3. Potions:
    moore different craftable potions :O

    (4. Bigger Map:
    Bigger Map with more Mobs, like trees, ogres,...)

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