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Tips, tricks and cookies!

Discussion in 'Guides' started by hadojin, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. hadojin

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    Oct 25, 2016
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    Hello crush community
    I have somethings to share with you to make your life easier or better!

    1- Chat:-
    You can actually edit your chat options, right click on "Chat" tab to bring out the list

    2. Crushing items!
    You don't have to close the crushing window while in fort!

    3. Quick dungeon exit
    You don't have to close the dialogue in dungeons, and use it to exit whenever you want.
    After picking up materials for example!


    4- Crushing shop items
    Maybe you need a few blue crystals and lazy to go farm like me, just use the shop items
    50 item give about 20-25 blue crystal, also its not a bad way to make gold by selling the crystals, profit is like 700k. its just boring though.

    5. Quick teleportation : Although this one is not free but its very helpful.
    If you need a quick way to reach a far land, just ask someone nearby it to start a war and use the war alarm to teleport there.

    6.Destroying trash items faster: drop all items in the trash first, then start clicking the dialogue, they stack not replace.

    7- Always check auction house for the item you need before crafting it, Sometimes crafted items are cheaper than the crystals, so don't go crafting an item that you need to craft a bigger item, check auction.

    8- Some crafted items are very worthy.
    If you ever craft an item with these stats and don't need it, just sell it for a good price
    Highest Additional Effects
    Single Effects
    Attack = 12
    Armor = 20
    MagicR = 15
    Double Effect
    Attack = 8
    Armor = 12
    MagicR = 9

    9- Trash items for sale :
    Always sell these items even if they seem worthless they add up to a good value.
    All 0 durability items
    Archium crystal
    Medical herb
    Refined oil
    "All" core stone (mysterious,amplifying, brilliant )
    Burned sulphur
    Ointment of spirit

    10- Fire,Water,Earth,Wind Essences
    These essences have no value for any individual player
    but they are very important to legion masters, if you have any of them just give them to your legion leaders.

    11- Dark, Light essences.
    Most valuable materials in the game, they sell for 15-20 millions and they are used for crafting transformation stones (dark skull knight and crusader cherbium) and dark essence is used for many important weapon/core crafts.

    12. Search for your item in auction house by name
    Auction house first page doesn't show all the available items in the auction!
    Using search and filters will give you more results always.

    13. Legion Contribution
    Contribute by winning battles and capturing lands,
    a. it will help your legion rank up and level up faster ( more mastery skills = more benefit for you)
    b. you'll get more wage!

    14. Optimum armor
    Thanks to Nyx we know that having around 350-400 armor is the best stats you can have
    it reduces enemy physical damage by 75-80% and more armor than that is just useless, like 50 more armor reduces 1-2% only..not worth it

    15. Additional effects
    It's always better to have double effects!
    If for example you want to build armor and attack in your additional effects
    4 Artifacts x44 armor (A Grade)= 176
    4 Artifacts x24 attack (A Grade)= 96
    8 Artifacts x14atk//x24 armor(A)= 112atk/192 armor
    Of course if you use 8 artifacts for "attack" only you'll get 192 attack and thats max value from 8 artifacts at A grade, But its not wise to go stack only 1 attribute and neglect the others.

    16. Leveling up your weapons.
    ONLY use spellstones that have same grade as your weapons, If your weapon is C, use C spellstones,
    you can use B,A,S,SS but thats a waste of precious spellstones! same grade is most efficient.

    17. Upgrading your weapons/artifacts
    It's best to use higher grade reinforce stones than required grade.
    If you have D grade Artifact/Weapon, If possible use C,B to upgrade them, it has higher chances of success
    so it should save you some durability.

    Tips for Legion masters/sub masters
    1. You can't invite players if you have negative gold, and you lose gold due to taxes, but you can always sell ether if you're short of gold.

    2. When you're in battle you can right click on your members from member list and summon them to battle

    3. If you have a fort, Please don't "move" it unless you know that you'll lose shields, makes your fort pretty vulnerable to attacks

    4. if you have a fort don't move it on a territory that has an "add-on", it will destroy it and thats a very valuable resource to your nation

    5. Recruit any player, It doesn't only help them grow faster because of the mastery skills you offer them through your legion, or the friendly advices you can get, but it also helps your own legion level up faster thanks to their contributions through time. so don't be picky. Active is better.

    6. If you have a fort, At all times you must use these cores (Increasing barrier, Low increasing barrier, low recharging barrier) Or ask your king for whats best for you. but these will provide your fort with 3 shields + 10% faster shield regeneration.

    7. Sort your legion members, I used to filter players, kick whoever is inactive.
    Set all active/new members to regular/centurion
    and Set all inactive to recruit (0 contribution) and if they stay recruits for a while kick them

    8. If you have a fort in any channel, Fight in that channel you'll get more fame than in other channels. 50% bonus.

    and that's all folks :D enjoy the game! thanks for reading


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    love this guide now i can inform my Legion member easily thanks dude ;)

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