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Upgrade + Crafting system

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by esv, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. esv

    esv Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    Luck based success is horribly frustrating. I've seen players fail to craft thorns armor, Necklace of Despair, Invincible Armor, etc over 10 times and it's really annoying having to re-farm the resources required to make them(Then get bad additional stats on top of that). The same thought applies to Upgrading weapons artifacts, you constantly fail trying to get S gear only to hit an even harsher failure at 0 durability. Even more so praying for additional stats on artifacts and recrafting the same ones over and over.

    It's monotonous, boring, and extremely frustrating. While the top tier equipment shouldn't be quick and easy to get, the current system is just not the way to go.

    Personal opinion:
    >Season 2 brings additional stats on to mob dropped equipment, I'd rather this be the way to get gear.
    Have mobs drop all artifacts, instead of farming crystals to recraft the same artifact 100+ times. High EP artifacts can be dropped from officers and bosses.
    > Remove reinforcement stone from shop and crafting recipes. Make it 100% success rate but harder to come by.
    Maybe even add quests to acquire certain equips instead of just painstakingly crafting them and praying for success.

    I think thorns armor is the best example. Need a ton of moonstone to craft it, which is not hard to get but it's a boring grind. Then you pray for the craft to succeed, which we've had many players fail 7-10 or more times(700+ moonstone just for hoping to craft it). Good luck getting acceptable additional stats with that to. Win the lottery and got a successful craft with good add stats? hope you got a decent durability and don't reach 0 before getting A or S. It's just a miserable process.
  2. Nyxa

    Nyxa Active Member

    Oct 11, 2016
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    I also don't like to craft equip that can fail and even if u get a success, it could have bad stats on it. I think this problem is also related to the removing of magical stones. Equip that can be droped in s2, can be farmed for the right stats. Thats a good thing. But now 2 category items still left that still suffer from magic stone removal. Craftable equip that doesn't fail and craftable equip that can fail. While equip that doesn't fail can be obtained by spending a lot of crystals, the equip that can fail has no other option to get the right stats without unbelievable luck.

    I like the idea of all equip can be droped, but it would be bad if the current dungeons would drop 3-5x more different equip items, because it would need a lot more time to get the right item with the right stats. So if all equip should be dropable, there should be also more areas with different loottables, maybe increase/change Abyss for that? I think for equip that doesnt fail to craft, there is also another option that could work. Same gemstones should be stackable and the crushing should be working on whole stack. Then it would be not that frustrating farming crystals because atm its just to painfull go to fort for crushing after every 10 min farming, crush in fort for 5 min,running back to a t7/t8 dungeon 2-3 min and again 10 min farm. Thats not fun.

    If we would get atleast a good method to get a few magical stones by a quest or boss drop or something like that, craftable equip that can fail would also be a little easier to get with the right stats.
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