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War, Arena, etc...

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by esv, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. esv

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    Oct 20, 2016
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    Let's list the current problems with war right now
    • Towers are to weak still. Tower rush meta is boring, even for punishers. The classes job is just to run at towers and kill themselves.
    • It's mostly based on who has more players, so Erion wins by default most times.
    • Their is no motivation to compete. It's more efficient to trade lands back and for medals.
    • How can we motivate Armia/Arslan to fight Erions army during active times (Since at the moment its largely a lost cause)
    My Suggestions:
    • Buff towers considerably, honestly it's frustrating this is even still an issue after how long we've been saying it.
    • Have the war focus more on supporting/pushing siege tanks to enemy towers/nexus so it relies a but less on who has more players. So a strong siege tank spawns every 45s or so and the players have to use that to push towers/nexus. Prolonged wars can spawn more or stronger tanks, or SP/TP you get can buff the tanks.
    • Have players spawn in an area around the nexus, not inside it. Stop the spawn killing at nexus to give defenders a chance once a war gets to that point.
    • Longer wars need to give better rewards. Reward players more for a hard fought battle more than an effortless push, even if they had a bad score.
    PvP war is the central focus of the game. It needs to be a fun, fleshed out experience.

    Some problems with arena
    • It's not even a thing at the moment with the low player base
    • It's horribly biased towards punishers. Even worse than pvp war, punishers just suicide rush towers to win and you cant stop them.
    • Arena rewards(the coins/boxes) are useless
    • The same as PvP war, buff towers a lot, have siege tanks spawn regularly.
    • Arena can reward silver/gold medals more easily than PvP war
    • A win/loss ladder ranking would be nice. MOBA players love these.
    • Don't have Arena vs bots. If you can't find a match then dont start one
    • Arena needs to be regularly available, regardless of playerbase
    • Spellstone fragments are useless and annoying, recommend removing them
    • Most potions/buffs below A or S rank dont really serve a purpose
    • All the reward boxes give really poor rewards. They aren't even worth taking most times.
    • Make items harder to craft and get rid of the failure chance. It's just frustrating to put in the effort just to fail. The new skull weapon crafts are a good example. Way to hard to make, demotivating.
    • Content that costs more to make should be better than stuff 1/10th the cost. Looking at you skill stones.
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