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Weapon Balance

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by esv, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. esv

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    Oct 20, 2016
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    Looking at the game now, there are a few weapons that really define the class they're for. Wrath Blade for saints, Skeleton King Dagger for punishers, and Demolition Hammer for guardians. These weapon are by far the best options the classes can build. Though I don't think they're to overpowered(except maybe demolition hammer soul infestation). I'd like to see the weaker weapons tuned up a bit and make different builds/play styles.

    My Suggestion:

    For Punishers:
    > Make daggers have high ability damage, but lower attack speed and base damage on the weapons. These weapons would be good for attack damage burst to kill saints and other punishers, but much less so for killing towers and guardians. These weapons also need to have less crowd control, high damage + tons of CC is to empowering

    > Have Bows focus more oh base attack speed and damage, and less on ability damage. These weapons would benefit from Attack speed and critical damage to deal a lot of DPS to structures and be the best option for killing the super tanky guardians(Thorns needs to be nerfed anyway).


    >Blades are the obvious AP burst damage weapons, and I feel the definitely succeeded in this regard with Wrath Blade. Dash Blade damage is a bit weak and the silence is a bit strong but absolutely required to fight punishers at the moment. Blades should focus on high AP ratios on abilities and benefit from raw AP and Magic Penetration.

    >Wands are the supportive buff/debuff/heal weapons, S1 Healing Wand is decent and Devil Wand "petrify" is overpowered, but everything else is very weak. Thunder Wand needs more damage becuase it has high cooldowns. These weapons should benefit from AP and cooldown reduction builds.

    >Both the guns are really weak, but seem so fun to use. I'd like to see them deal magic damage on auto attacks as an AP DPS weapon. They're AP weapons with some AD based abilities that just seem very out of place. These weapons should benefit from Attack Speed and Ability Power

    >This class should focus on tank stats and have a small amount of big CC moves to catch players, or disrupt them. Guardians are terrifying because of soul infestations damage and how hard they are to deal with. Both punishers and saints really struggle to kill these guys, and I find them at max tier to be way to strong.

    > Hammers I find are pretty successful, though soul infestation is incredibly powerful. I feel this weapon should be more focus in large AoE CC moves and have fewer single target moves to use in tandem with Demolition Hammer. Should prioritize Armor, HP and Magic Resist, but have solid base damages so they can still hit hard, but no to hard.

    >Canons should be low mobility, long range and strong ability damage. Kind of like the concept of a real tank, While tanky, the damage the deal from abilities should be high but avoidable and the class should be relatively slow. Class should benefit from Armor and Attack Damage. Right now these don't compete with hammers at all.

    Overall: Right now we have 3 classes, and 1 really strong build and playstyle for each class. Making each weapon type viable with their own builds/playstyles would really diversify the game. There would be 3 classes, but it'd feel more life 7 or more with some fun mix and matching of weapon types.

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